Hi Speakers!

On this page, you find information on our meetup and the locations you are speaking at. If you are missing something, please ping us at @mage_AT!

The talks


We are happy about talks in German or English. Please tell us what you prefer.


Between 20 and 30 minutes are perfect. Sometimes, you might get some questions / discussions and we try to have time for 2 talks at a meetup usually. If you want to talk longer or shorter, please tell us.

Info that we need

Please send us this info so we can tell everybody about your awesome talk: title, a short description (2 or 3 sentences) and any websites / social media profiles you would like us to link to.


Sometimes, we record the talks or do a live streaming. If we plan to do so, we will ask you in advance. If you don't like to be recorded, don't be afraid to say so :)


It would be great if you upload your slides somewhere after the talk and send us the link so we can link them on our website.

The locations

Wien (Vienna)


LimeSoda Office Wien
Syringgasse 5
1170 Wien


  • Hotel
    In case you want to stay in Wien overnight we can give you some tips on hotels nearby.
  • Parking Spot
    If you come by car and want to park inside our courtyard, please call us before so we can check if we have a spot left.
  • Preparation / Workplace
    If you want to come a bit earlier to prepare or work, please tell us. We will be able to find a spot in our office.
  • Food & Drinks
    Just like any attendee, you will be cared for :) Please tell us if you have any special needs (allergies etc.).
  • Internet
    We have WLAN access for you.
  • Location
    Our lounge has space for about 30 people. Find some images in our 24. meetup gallery.
  • Stage
    The stage in front is about five meters wide, so you can move around a bit. You can put your laptop on a speaker lectern.
  • Equipment
    We do have a big TV with very good resolution. We also have the usual connectors from your source to HDMI but please tell us what you need or bring your own to-HDMI connector.
    We can provide you with a presentation remote and microphone if you need it (microphone normally not necessary).
    If you need sound for your presentation, we should be able to hook you up too.
    Hint: it's always good to test beforehand because computers. :-)