26. Magento-Meetup am 19.07.2018 in Wien: Building Dev Teams & High Performance Magento 2

In his first public talk ever (thanks for taking the plunge with us!), Ivan Cuk will tell us about:

  • Challenges and advantages of having team members who work remotely
  • How the home office option is influencing the efficiency of the whole team
  • The traditional inhouse approach and difficulties with finding talent in the IT industry

Another first-time speaker at our meetup is Konrad Androsch from the Austrian hoster internex.at. Please tell us beforehand which performance/scaling problems you are having with Magento 2! Konrad will show ways to solve them.

Many thanks to LimeSoda for providing us with food, drinks and the location.


  • ab 18:30 Uhr: Einlass mit Grillen und Getränken
  • Einleitung und Magento News (Video) von Anna Völkl und Matthias Zeis
  • Talk 1: Building an efficient dev team: Remote vs Inhouse (Video) von Ivan Cuk (in English)
  • Pause
  • Talk 2: High-Performance Magento 2 (Video) von Konrad Androsch (in Deutsch)